Een Bakkie Met Borie


Cryptography out of necessity

In 'Een bakkie met Borie' I explore the code and cryptic slang narcotics dealers in the Amsterdam drug traffic scene use to communicate. Although cryptography is usually considered to be a mainly scientific topic, I uncover a form of street-wise cryptography in which words carry linguistic meaning only for those immersed in drug culture and sales procedures.

In this film a man and a couple are being followed. They have conversations with each other through mobile phones, after which they meet in person. Their conversations seem to concern normal subjects, while the cinematography and filming technique suggests a sinister mood. I was able to interview an important figure in the Dutch drugs scene and construct a dictionary. This interview is conducted in the documentary and gives an insight into how this language works and subtitles indicate the translation of the secret words. This is also a key to understand that the documentary subjects are, in fact, meeting each other to discuss criminal affairs.

- Bits of Freedom

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2016 Sanne Kloppenburg