Stille Getuigen


What if the only thing you could do is to wait?

This work explores how sound, image and language can influence the meaning of a neutral domestic scenario. The project is separated into fragments, in which different media play a role as a storyteller. They can be experienced separately, but when it is perceived together, the full story is revealed.

The movie
While the time in the movie passes, the storyline is unraveling.
Where is the person waiting for?
The location looks the same, but is it?

The publication
This waiting isn’t the concern of only one single person. There are many people that are in the same position. This project is made to let people feel the urgency to limit this waiting. For one person one year is doable, for the other it is to long..

- 2016 Kiss and Riot

Kiwi standing on oval

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2016 Sanne Kloppenburg