Striking Invisible, Chaumont 2014


An analogue way to stay untracable

How should someone behave in order to stay untraceable? Is it possible at all? And how can you make sure you’re not being spied on?

Almost every move we make results in becoming part of a database. You can think about the safety cameras on the street, cameras that stores use to track customer movements. But cameras are also in your television, in your computer, and on the front of your phone. Could there be an analogue way to avoid this?

Yes. By using warpaint we started a subculture that protects your face from recognition and digitalization. By expressing yourself in a bold way, you make this statement. You are going to be digital invisible by using digital camouflage and at the same time you are expressing yourself in an extreme way. This contradiction brings an exiting tension.

- Joelle Erkamp

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